Testimonials from clients!

Feedback from some of Barbara’s clients and students:

After a very painful divorce, I never wanted to get married again. My girlfriend was not going to stick around for that level of commitment. We took Barbara’s classes and I was able to see that my next relationship did not need to be anything like my last one. I am now happily married to an amazing woman, and I’ve never felt more respected and appreciated. I would have missed out on so much without Barbara’s classes and gentle guidance. My wife and I think she’s the greatest!

Robert S.
Dallas, TX

Barbara is a friend and is always inviting me to her online classes about relationships. I never understood why, as I am a gay woman and not interested in dating men. But we had a few coaching sessions and I now see that what she teaches applies to all types of relationships; gay or straight, married or dating, romantic or otherwise!

I have also had private Reiki+Gong sessions from Barbara and took her Gong classes so I could learn how to play. She’s a really great teacher, and her private sessions simply move mountains for me. I’m so happy to have a beautiful gong in my home, and to know how to play it correctly! My 6-year old loves it too!

Karen T.
Fort Worth, TX

I took part in several of Barbara’s online Emotion Release sessions for small groups. It was amazing what she was able to pinpoint for each of us with powerful accuracy. I had my doubts, but her technique made a difference for me, and I would recommend her to anyone! She also helped me with a relationship issue. I’m so glad I met Barbara!

Rachael S.
Boston, MA

I used to attract a certain “type” of guy that did not treat me very well. I had no idea that I was allowing and even encouraging that treatment to continue! With some private coaching for relationship issues and her unique emotion release sessions, I was able to identify and let go of these old destructive patterns. I’m now dating a great guy who treats me like a queen! Thank you Barbara, for helping me see myself AND men in a whole new light!

Maria J.
San Francisco, CA